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How to pronounce Liviu Iacob

"Li" as pronounced in: liberal
"vi" as pronounced in: victory
"u" as pronounced in: universal

"Ia" as pronounced in: Romania, media
"co" as pronounced in: corn, coil
"b" as pronouced in: web, mob

Contact - website, e-mail, cell phone, Instant messaging & Conferencing

Professional matters (Computer Science related stuff)
e-mail: Liviu at iacob dot info

Personal matters
e-mail: Liviu at iacob dot name

Personal cell phone: Available on request

Regular mail address: Available on request

Instant Messaging & Conferencing
GTalk: Available on request; I use it rarely.
Skype: Available on request; I use it rarely.
Yahoo, MSN, AIM: I stopped using these accounts long time ago.

Contact - social networks

Should I know you well enough, I'll confirm the friend request.

Facebook - Liviu Iacob's Facebook profile

Google+ - Liviu Iacob's Google+ profile

LinkedIn - Liviu Iacob's LinkedIn profile


Please do not contact me for commercial offers.
I'm all set with lottery prizes, credit cards, loans, mortgages, health products, "free/great/amazing" stuff etc. => I receive a large quantity of e-mails daily and always mark the spam (marking spam is fun).
That being said, if I know you or you think you have something interesting to tell me, feel free to contact me.