Content on web

Regarding web content, I make my own [a bit usefull] contribution, by

    • creating

    • commenting

    • sharing

    • aggregating stuff


So, here's my contribution:

Liviu's [Computer Science] Blog:

Professional (i.e. computer science related) matters blog

Liviu's [Personal] Blog:

Personal matters blog, but not too personal

Google+ posts and +1's

Posts and +1s, shared via Google+

Polders and Canals, Mills and Cheese:

Aka Liviu's [in Netherlands] Blog, this blog shares in part my experience in the Netherlands

All my Yahoo! pipes

RSS about Romania in world news - done to aggregate info that's written about Romania in major media. Sadly, most of it is bullshit and untrue and unfair. Good news: from now and then we get some positive coverage!

YouTube Channel

Picassa Albums